Madison Street Capital: An Outline of a Successful Recapitalization Deal

Madison Street Capital: An Outline of a Successful Recapitalization Deal

Madison Street Capital is a renowned international investment-banking firm. The company was privileged to be the core adviser for Professional Pipe, Inc. They did major on the recapitalization of the business by KJM Capital, Limited Liability Company. Professional Pipe, Inc. is a company that is identified with its dedication to designing and installing piping to various manufacturing facilities. In an article, the president of PPI, John Tyson gave his comments on completion of the successful partnership with the Madison Company. He expressed his faith in the provision of more piping services to refrigeration and food industries. On the other hand, Madison Street Capital appraised PPI’s team adding that the company has consistently done a marvelous job in the industry. They said that their main goal is to ensure that they link entrepreneurs with the appropriate strategic partners in fulfilling their visions.


Madison Street Capital is committed to key principles that entail integrity, leadership, excellence, and service. The company is good at the provision of services in line with merger & acquisitions, advisory services on finances, financial opinions, and valuations to both private and public institutions. The company brings to the table the wonderful services that are core in causing global success to many companies. While doing a project for any company, Madison Street Capital puts the goals of the customers and their objectives key regardless of the area of concern. Madison Street Capital is keen to check on emerging markets, which they believe are significant in bringing global growth to its customers. What makes their work exceptional among many other service providers is their commitment to a high standard in their profession. Madison Street Capital is located in Chicago, Illinois. It is a great achievement for the company to provide some of the services to the clients and receiving positive feedback on such services. This is what the company believes in and continues to give their best in line with their expertise. They are hopeful of more involvements and ready to offer any counsel as needed by the two companies. Quality service is the core principle of the company and the steering gear towards excellence in their services.


PPI, Inc. was founded in North Carolina in the year 1972. At the time, it was a major piping contractor for textiles. It is in 2006 that the company shifted from textiles and took a new direction in the food industry. As at now, it stands out as the second generation in providing piping installation and equipment services exclusively to poultry processors. Their expertise lies in construction, general maintenance for facilities, renovations, and replacements depending on the needs of the customers. On the other hand, KJM Capital was founded to serves clients in business. Their expertise is in operations, accounting and finance, software applications, and delivery of quality customer services.


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