End Citizens United Now

End Citizens United Now

Before discussing the importance of End Citizens United, it is important to review what the organization is working to disassemble. Citizens United is a non-profit organization that won the votes of the Supreme Court to grant corporations and other organizations the ability to spend undisclosed and incalculable funds towards American elections.

End Citizens United is an organization dedicated towards the overturn of the Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission decision. A powerful image is displayed during a short video posted on the organization’s website that shows a barcode in the shape of the United States which reads, “Our Democracy: Not For Sale.” This picture encapsulates the passion behind the work of End Citizens United to ensure that big businesses do not interfere with the legislative process at the expense of American citizens. The organization puts their money where their mouth is and practices transparency by posting their political spending report on their homepage.

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Recently, having celebrated the organization’s three year anniversary, the ECU is busy working to support pro-reform candidates as the 2018 Senate elections are approaching. Conor Lamb has earned ECU’s support as he has refused all corporate donations towards his campaign.

Conversely, ECU has recently criticized Lamb’s opponent, current Pennsylvania House member Rick Saccone for his comments and recent decisions to support the outsourcing of steel production. Saccone’s recent remarks indicate that he was expectant of corporations to help fund his campaign because his values would support their ventures. The two opponents, Saccone and Lamb, were night and day comparisons on their stance regarding fiscal support from big businesses. Ultimately, Saccone conceded to Lamb in their race against one another. It can be argued that Lamb’s success would not be possible without ECU being the first organization to support his efforts with their generous fundraising contributions. It is refreshing to have an organization work so hard to restore power to the majority of people, while the ruling minority have been caught involved with so many political scandals.

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