The chainsmokers.

The chainsmokers.

The chainsmokers.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are the two DJ collaborators who founded the Chainsmokers. The duo also participates in music production. The Chainsmokers got a breakthrough when they produced their song called Selfie in the year 2014. The hit managed to be part of the top twenty new hits in many countries. They also recorded a debut called Bouquet. Bouquet was a 2015 release. It featured Roses, the single hit that was in the best ten on the United States Billboard Hot 100. The Bouquet also featured the song called Don’t Let Me Down that was their first best five single. Don’t Let Me Down also won the award for the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording that was presented at the 59th awards celebrations.

Alex Pall is also known as Alexander Pall. He is 33 years old, being born on 16th May 1985. He was raised by his parents, an art dealer dad, and a housewife mother. They lived in Westchester County in New York. Andrew Taggart, also called Drew is 28 years old being born on 31st December 1989. He grew up in Freeport, Maine. Taggart’s mother is a teacher while his father is a prosthetics seller. Drew got into EDM when he was in Argentina at the age of fifteen years. He started engaging in the music of great musicians such as Daft Punk, Trentemoller, and David Guetta.

According to Forbes, the Chainsmokers have been in the limelight for about two years. Their songs started to hit in 2015 when they produced Roses. Roses was voted in the top ten hits. They grew to become one of the unstoppable musicians for some years now. They have a collection of beautiful pops including Paris, Closer, Don’t Let Me Down, and Something Just Like This. Don’t Let Me Down hit won the Grammy Award and also helped the newcomer Daya to become an industry favorite overnight.

At their performance venue in New York City at the Conrad Hotel, Taggart noted that they had not produced a hit for close to nine months a thing that was unusual for the duo as they used to record a new song almost every month. He pointed out that they liked it when everything happens at the same time.


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