Roberto Santiago Caters to the Mega Mall Crowd

Roberto Santiago Caters to the Mega Mall Crowd

Roberto Santiago is prepared to give shoppers a grand experience when they come to Brazil. He has created what is known as the Manaira Shopping mall, and this has become a great exploration for vacationers that are visiting Brazil.


People may not come to Brazil specifically for this mall, but they definitely will appreciate it when they get there. It is a hidden treasure that some vacationers are not aware of until they visit for the first time. Anytime tourists have a return visit they are definitely going to want to visit the Maniara Mall that Roberto Santiago has put in place because this is where all of the shopping stores come together. It is a mall outlet with over 90 stores. This is very impressive, and a bevy of shoppers may feel that it actually outranks the Mall of America in the United States when it comes to the sheer number of things that people have access to.


It did not start with 90 stores even though it has always been a big shopping environment. This has happened as years of renovations have allowed people to see more and more of this shopping environment expand. The food court and the parking lot have expanded over the years. Renovations have also allowed people to see new stores that have come into place. There are a lot of different possibilities for shoppers because this mall is connected to a whole new line of adventures that go beyond shopping. People that come to the Manaira Mall that Roberto Santiago created are also getting a chance to hang out.


The amusement park is there for their enjoyment. People also have access to the movie theater and a concert hall. People that visit will soon see that this is just not your typical mall. It is something that rises above anything that is considered typical. It is a good environment for people that want to build a trip for the course of the day. If there’s ever any down time when you are in Brazil Roberto Santiago has created a shopping environment that can fill up your planner for the course of an entire day. The natives of Brazil love it, and vacationers are quite fond of it as well. It has become the great shopping landscape that people tend to talk about long after they have left the premises.


Roberto Santiago has received so much praise for it that he has created other environment in Latin America that tend to mimic this mall environment. There are other mega malls in Latin America, but there are few in Latin America or the entire world that have as many stores as the Manaira Mall has.



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