Betsy DeVos’ soft and hard political fight

Betsy DeVos’ soft and hard political fight

Betsy DeVos, the U.S education secretary, met the representative of the gay and transgender employees to warn them of the upcoming President Trump’s cancellation of the allowance of transgender students accessing school bathrooms that matched their genders.


The employee who met with Betsy was assured by an aide that Betsy had tried to counter President’s Trump move only to be unsuccessful in her efforts. Betsy never exhibited any rift with President Trump on the matter in public, because she also joined on the announcement of the policy.


Ms. Devos is known for her determination and resilience on her goals. This was witnessed when she got to Washington without any political history in the government and settling in a department that was primarily plagued with few employees. Betsy is also known as a pragmatic and generous soul who is appreciated by her critics, even though she has been termed as “unprepared” as they say, to the position she is managing.


On a debate about the transgender issue that was being rescinded by president Trump, she was at a disadvantage against Jeff Session the Attorney General who has decades of experience in Washington. Even though she is still learning the ropes, its a matter of time before she starts getting her way through issues.


Ms. Devos who is 59 is easy to underestimate because of her lack of experience as some of her supporters say. Betsy grew up in a wealthy family in Holland in 1958 where she was raised in a Christian Reformed Church, later on, she attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids and married Dick DeVos who was unsuccessful in his quest for governorship a decade ago.



Her working career dates back to when she worked at the auto parts company with her father, Edgar Prince who built a billion-dollar business. She has a brother called Erik Prince who is the CEO of Blackwater Company, a controversial private security firm for American personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.


On the other hand, her husband, Dick DeVos, originated from a family that attributes its wealth from multilevel marketing. Even though they started funding different social causes, Ms. DeVos was inclined to matters related to education, and that is why she also fought to navigate tax dollars from public schools to charter schools, which are operated by private groups but still receive funding from the public.


Additionally, she has fought for the use of public funds for vouchers to allow students to pay for tuition at private schools. Charter schools are perceived by critics to have a conservative approach in undermining public education as they starve it of resources, even though some supporters state that poor families are offered a choice and a platform to compete.


Ms. DeVos has had a rocky start in Trump’s administration; this has been witnessed in some of her shaky answers to some questions on her education policy. She has been tough to shake off some criticism in her first year, to the point of making some jokes about her confirmation by The Senate.


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