Eliminate Contraband in Jail with Securus Technologies

Eliminate Contraband in Jail with Securus Technologies

Most people are completely unaware how dangerous things are for officers inside a state prison. The fact inmates would love to take out their frustrations on authority falls squarely on our laps, and each year it appears to be getting worse. The initial problem was due to the fact that the population of inmates in this facility has almost doubled in the last four years, and meanwhile our corrections officers remain at the same number.


As dangerous as it can be to deal with violent offenders who outnumber you significantly, the one thing we simply have worked tirelessly to eliminate is contraband. If the inmates have access to any sorts of contraband, then they are even more dangerous than we first anticipated. Contraband gives these inmates an unfair advantage, and it puts each one of my officers in significant danger unless we can right the ship.


Enter Securus Technologies, developers of a new inmate telephone monitoring system that has changed the way officers are conducting business in dangerous jails. No longer does my team of officers have to sit in a call room and try to decipher calls the inmates are making, we are able to get back to maintaining order while the LBS software is scanning those calls and alerting my team each time contraband of any sort is being discussed.


Securus Technologies already has this system in 2,500 different prison systems all around the country, and officers are beginning to see a huge drop in violence. This week alone, the LBS software gave my team alerts when an inmate was asking family to sneak him in a cellphone, when an inmate was bragging to his sister how easy he could get drugs, and when a gang member was openly talking about a hit on a rival gang member out in the prison yard.



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