Newly Expanded Recycling Center Increases Capacity

Newly Expanded Recycling Center Increases Capacity

The Orange Coast College (OCC) Recycling Center has reopened on August 21st, 2017 after five months of construction. The remodeled facility can handle visits from about 400 people per day. In comparison, the center previously handled between 250 and 300 people per day. The capacity has been increased by about 25%.


Mike Carey, the OCC Recycling Center’s Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, says one of the goals of the new construction was to expand the number of materials the public could recycle at the center. The center plans to attract new business by advertising in print, through flyers sent with utility bills, and in other media.  Learn more:


With the newly-built classrooms in the center, the center will be able to offer classes in resources management and environmental studies. These classes will be offered beginning in the Spring 2018 semester.


Parking has also been expanded. The parking lot, which formerly accommodated eight vehicles, can now park up to 45.


The renovations to the center also added perks for the center’s workers. These include a shower they can use after work and a new break room. Since many of the workers are OCC students and they go to class after working their shifts, the showers will particularly be appreciated.


A number of local businesses contributed funds to the remodeling project, including CR&R Incorporated Environmental Services, which contributed half a million dollars, and Measure M, which contributed $5 million. The Associated Students of Orange Coast College (ASOCC), which owns the Recycling Center, contributed $1.5 million to the project.


The center can accept most recycled goods, including used grease, plastic, glass, and aluminum cans. Revenues earned from these recycled goods help keep the center in operation and contribute to the ASOCC’s expenses.

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