Richard Mishaan Design Launches Second Book

Richard Mishaan Design Launches Second Book

Richard Mishaan Design has cemented themselves as one of the most prominent interior design companies located in New York and the rest of the globe. Richard Mishaan is the leader of the company and it has been his bold, forward thinking approach to modernism that has helped cement Richard Mishaan Design among the industry elites. Mishaan and the rest of his team recently celebrated the release of another table top book, ‘Artfully Modern’, and as such it makes for a great time to look back on what they have accomplished.


Richard Mishaan Design prides itself on bringing a fresh take to the world of interior design. Mishaan’s primary specialty is taking something unique and then making it completely personal for the client who hired him. Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn is a happy client that says, “Richard can make something beautiful, and make it yours, not his.” Cohn goes on to stress the fact that Richard Mishaan Design is unique in just how versatile the company is, nothing is ever completely duplicated among different projects.


In order to celebrate the release of his second book, Richard Mishaan decided to host a celebratory dinner at the Margaux at the Marlton Hotel. Richard Mishaan Design hosted the event while Mishaan invited friends, family, and former clients to come attend. Mishaan says of his latest book, “The most important thing to take away about ‘Artfully Modern‘ is that art makes every aspect of life better.’ Mishaan goes on to explain his techniques for bringing in class artwork into rooms that are otherwise decorated for more modern flare.


Richard Mishaan and the rest of the crew have designed a great many different projects over their 25+ years in the industry. Among those projects is the Cartagena house in Colombia and the St. Regis suites in New York.


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