Octavio de Lazari Junior, will be replacing the current president of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Octavio de Lazari Junior will officially become president of the banking giant after the AGO (Ordinary General Assembly) meeting scheduled for March 12th 2018. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, also detailed the retirement of Lazaro Brandao and the new Vice […]

End Citizens United Now

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Before discussing the importance of End Citizens United, it is important to review what the organization is working to disassemble. Citizens United is a non-profit organization that won the votes of the Supreme Court to grant corporations and other organizations the ability to spend undisclosed and incalculable funds towards American elections. End Citizens United is […]

The chainsmokers.

The chainsmokers. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are the two DJ collaborators who founded the Chainsmokers. The duo also participates in music production. The Chainsmokers got a breakthrough when they produced their song called Selfie in the year 2014. The hit managed to be part of the top twenty new hits in many countries. They […]

How Doe Deere Changed The Makeup Game

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Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the makeup brand, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is the makeup brand for lovers of colors and unique products that also value cruelty free and vegan products. Doe Deere set out to create a makeup brand like no other and has dedicated her life to seeing that vision […]

Roberto Santiago is prepared to give shoppers a grand experience when they come to Brazil. He has created what is known as the Manaira Shopping mall, and this has become a great exploration for vacationers that are visiting Brazil.   People may not come to Brazil specifically for this mall, but they definitely will appreciate […]

Jeremy Goldstein on Incentive Plans

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If your company gives out bonuses, then it is probably based on two things. The first is your personal performance and how well you did this year. The second is probably the performance of the company as a whole. If the company hit its earnings targets, you probably got a little extra. If not, then […]

Betsy DeVos’ soft and hard political fight

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Betsy DeVos, the U.S education secretary, met the representative of the gay and transgender employees to warn them of the upcoming President Trump’s cancellation of the allowance of transgender students accessing school bathrooms that matched their genders.   The employee who met with Betsy was assured by an aide that Betsy had tried to counter […]

Bob Reina’s Life Changing Video Company

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Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Office of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a creative all in one high-quality video marketing company. Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion after he encountered a problem trying to send a video email. He was interested in purchasing the home, but he wanted to get […]

While people do have aspirations for making investments, there are many different aspects of investing that are often ignored. There are a lot of mistakes that people make which can be avoided with investing. One of the biggest mistakes is not looking for advice from successful investors. It is very important to look for information […]

Securus Technologies has developed an effective new technology it calls the Wireless Containment Systems, or WCS. WCS is to combat the very real problem of inmate smuggling cellphones into correctional institutions. The use of illegal cellphones by inmates presents a very serious security threat at correctional facilities. This illicit use of cellphones also is a […]